Paneling and Cladding

High movement capacity, excellent weather durability with the choice of specified Antas® MS or Silicone sealants.

Antas 352 MS Joint Sealant and Antas 352FR Fireproof MS Sealant are both MS joint sealant based on STP-e technology and conform to ISO11600 and ASTM C 920. They have excellent weather durability, high movement capacity and excellent adhesion to precast concrete panels, light weight concrete panels, fibre cement panels, or composite panels with facing materials of aluminium, coated steel, stainless steel etc. Antas 352FR is the fire rated version with FRL up to -/240/240* as tested to AS1530.4. Both Antas 352 and Antas 352FR are paintable with most architectural coatings as needed.

Antas 193-25 Weatherproof Silicone Sealant 50HM is a high performance silicone sealant for façade. It has high movement capacity of ±50% and conforms to ASTM C 920 Type S, Grade NS, Class 50. Antas 193-25 is particularly suitable for aluminium or steel panels where superior heat/cold, UV or hydrolysis resistance is required.

*FRL varies based on joint design and substrate. Please refer to respective test reports from CSIRO and Warrington Fire for details.

Roofing, Glazing, Windows and Doors

Roofing, Windows and Doors are subjected to frequent movement and vibration. They are also directly exposed to all different weather conditions. It is imperative that all seals are secure and durable. Sealants should be selected and installed properly based on the types of seals and the combination of substrates.

Antas 192 Silicone Sealant for General Purpose is the most commonly used silicone sealant for glazing, roofs, gutters, windows and doors. It has high modulus and excellent adhesion to glass, aluminium and coated steel. Antas 275 All Rounder Silicone Sealant has superior UV resistance, chemical resistance and adhesion to masonry. It is also mould resistant and has a larger range of colour to choose from.

Antas 352 MS Joint Sealant and Antas 636 All Purpose MS Adhesive Sealant has excellent adhesion to most common substrates including powder coated aluminium, concrete, brick, timber. Combined with high movement capacity, they provide excellent and highly durable water tightness seals around windows and doors.

Antas 166 Two Component Structural Silicone Sealant for IGU and Antas 1302 Hot Melt Butyl Sealant are specifically designed for Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) as primary and secondary sealants respectively. They conform to EN1279, GB16776, GB24266 and the equivalent AS4666.

Interiors and Finishes

Requirements may vary between interior and finishing applications because of the variations of substrates and the purpose of the seals, whether it is to be painted or be decorative, whether it is to cater for high movement or high bonding strength. Often, silicone may not be the best or only choice.

Antas 275 All Rounder Silicone Sealant and Antas 636 All Purpose MS Adhesive Sealant are both low VOC, mould resistant and multi-purpose sealants. Antas 275 has high elasticity. It is very easy to tool and clean. It is most suitable for sealing around the kickboard, window sill and cupboard. Antas 636 is paintable and has high adhesive strength on most substrates. It is best suitable for applications where both strong adhesion and decorative finishing is required. For example, the building or repairing of caravan or boat.

Antas 635 Nails-Free Now is a fast curing high bond MS adhesive. It gives high initial bond for fast positioning. The bonding strength can be developed within 24 hours for holding up to 20kg/cm2. Antas 635 is particularly suitable for installation of hooks, racks, lights, door stops, etc. without drilling or screwing.

Antas 153 Acrylic Gap Filler has low shrinkage and good adhesion. It is often used for fixing the gaps prior to painting. Antas 153 is fast skinning, easy to tool and clean.

Curtain Walls

Curtain wall system is one of most challenging applications for sealants. By utilising silicone sealants to adhere glass or other panels to the supporting framework, the system eliminates the needs for exterior frames or covers. Silicone sealants are used as not only a weather seal but also a structural bonding material. Extended service life is also expected due to the high cost for replacement or maintenance.


Antas 168-25 Two Component Structural Silicone Sealant and Antas 169-25 Structural Silicone Sealant are designed and vigorously tested for structural sealing of glass curtain wall system or windows system with frameless design. It meets and exceeds the requirement of ASTM C1184, EATG-002, GB16776. Antas 168-25 and Antas 169-25 have been used in many iconic and challenging projects. Technical consultation, field service, adhesion and compatibility tests are provided to enable the success of the projects. 

Kitchen, Bathroom and Surfaces

Hygiene and aesthetic value are the most important considerations in selecting suitable sealants for kitchen and bathroom, or other finishing surfaces, for example, poolside and patios. Anti-fungal, anti-mould, non-staining and non-yellowing properties of sealants are generally required for these applications.

Antas Kitchen and Bathroom (KnB) Silicone Sealant and Antas 275 All Rounder Silicone Sealant both meet with the requirements and are well suited for kitchen and bathroom applications. Antas 275 is specifically designed with better adhesion, elasticity and weather durability. Antas 275 comes with many choices of colours and it is suitable for both internal and external applications.

Antas 636 All Purpose MS Adhesive Sealant is MS based and gives significantly higher bonding strength than sanitary silicone. Being also mould resistant, it is well suited for installation of flashback, mirror, etc. where stronger and faster bond is required.

Antas 651 Tile and Stone Epoxy Grout Sealer is highly recommended for commercial kitchen and bathroom where the highest level of resistance to mould, chemical, fat or oil is required. Antas 651 is supplied in a twin-cartridge pack. It is mixed and extruded through a 1:1 twin-plunge caulking gun. Antas 651 offers the high performance of epoxy grout sealer, being waterproof and mould free, while making the installation fast, simple, free of mess and minimal waste. Thanks to the easy installation, Antas 651 is also very useful for re-grouting and DIY.