Antas® 636 All Purpose MS Adhesive Sealant

Antas® 636 is a one component, fast curing, hybrid polymer based adhesive sealant with the movement capacity of ±20%. It is high modulus and has excellent adhesion to most commonly used construction materials.

Antas® 636 is available in a variety of colours and used to create high strength and elastic bond in many applications for example adhesion and sealing of stairs, flashings, window sills, door frames, kickboards and moulds etc. 

  • Excellent tooling ability, high extrusion rate and no sagging. No shrinkage.
  • Fast curing. Typical tack free in 30mins at 23ºC and relative humidity of 50%.
  • Fast positioning with high initial strength.
  • Excellent adhesion strength to most common construction materials.
  • High movement capacity of ±20%.
  • High modulus and trafficable.
  • Available in a wide range of colours matching the colours of typical wall and floor materials.
  • Paintable with most water based architectural coatings. Can be easily repaired or repatched with the same sealants.
  • Excellent weather durability, aging resistance under heat and humidity.
  • Mould and mildew resistant.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly. Very low VOC, no odour, free of solvent and isocyanate content.

Available colour: Multiple, Click for Colour Chart.
Packaging: 300ml cartridge, 24 pcs/carton; special order for 600ml sausage.

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