Antas® Nails-Free Now

Fast Curing High Bond Adhesive

Antas® Nails-Free Now is a one component, fast curing and environment friendly, adhesive sealant based on MS polymer. The shear strength of cured adhesive can reach up to 2.5 MPa. Based on the properties of high strength and low environmental impact, it is particularly suitable for commercial or domestic fit-out where quick bonding and sealing is required.

  • Fast curing with excellent green strength
  • Excellent long term adhesion to most types of construction materials
  • Can be painted over with most surface coatings (compatibility tests recommended)
  • Environment friendly, low VOC, free of formaldehyde or phthalate

Available Colour: White
Packaging: 12ml/pc; 300ml sausage, 24 pcs/carton

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