Antas® 352 MS Joint Sealant

Antas® 352 is a single component, low modulus, neutral curing, MS  joint sealant with combined benefits of conventional polyurethane and silicone sealants. Ideal for sealing of various types of building façade, panel joints, window and door frames with good adhesion to a wide range of substrates including timber, stone, brick, concrete, fiber cement board, ACC panel, PVC, EPS, aluminum, stainless steel etc. Antas 352 is also used in infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges.

  • Excellent elasticity and movement capacity
  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials
  • Excellent weather durability
  • Can be painted over with most architectural coatings
  • Low VOC content, free of solvent or isocyanates

Available Colour: Grey, White, Black, Off-white, Dark Grey. Click for Colour Chart.
Packaging: 600ml sausage, 20 pcs/carton

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